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Copy Right

Copy Right


SHININGO respects third -party intellectual rights and interests, and will take measures and measures to protect such rights.

If you have any doubts or complaints about infringement of intellectual property rights, such as unauthorized use of third -party trademarks or patents, or selling counterfeit products, please send the following information to service@SHININGO.com.

Information required for complaints:

1. Description of suspected infringement works, behaviors or materials;

2. Description of the location of suspected infringement materials (product URL);

3. Allow us to contact your information, such as your address, phone number and email address.

*Note: This program is specifically used to notify SHININGO that your copyright materials have been violated.

Copyright announcement

SHININGO has all intellectual property rights and other rights, ownership and interests of all intellectual property rights and other rights, ownership and interests of the website www.SHININGO.com, including but not limited to the copyright of the website and the technology used to provide you with services available on the website. These copyrights and intellectual property rights are protected by international and domestic law.

Exempt statement

This service may include translations supported by Google. Google does not assume all explicit or implied guarantees related to translation, including any accuracy, reliability guarantee, and any implied guarantee about the appropriate marketing, specific purpose applicability and non -infringement.

For your convenience, the website has used translation software supported by Google Translate for translation. Reasonable efforts have been made to provide accurate translation, but no automatic translation is perfect, nor is it to replace manual translation. The translation is provided to the website as a service and provided according to "original". There is no clear or implied guarantee for the accuracy, reliability or correctness of any other language. Due to the limitations of translation software, some content (such as pictures, videos, flash, etc.) may not be able to translate accurately.